What is the Best Way to Remove Asbestos From Roofs?

Synopsis: If asbestos is detected on your property, there are two main options for dealing with the problem. You can either encapsulate the material or completely remove it. Removal requires time and money, while encapsulation is often affordable and easy to complete.

Asbestos was often used in roof construction until the asbestos ban. You may find asbestos in your shingles, roof panels, gutters, downspouts, and even the insulation in the attic. If you discover this harmful material in your roof, use the following suggestions to choose the best way to remove asbestos.

Should You Remove or Encapsulate the Asbestos?

If asbestos is detected in your roof, there are two options for dealing with it. You can either take it out and replace the asbestos or encapsulate it. The choice of removing asbestos roof vs asbestos encapsulation depends on several factors, including time, money, and the sale of your home.

Before choosing between these two options, you should understand the pros and cons of asbestos removal and asbestos encapsulation.

Advantages of Professional Asbestos Removal 

Asbestos removal is also called asbestos abatement. It involves the complete removal of the asbestos material, along with any necessary repairs to restore the condition of the area where the asbestos was removed.

The potential danger of asbestos removal is that the removal process disturbs the material and releases asbestos particles into the air. However, professionals can use the latest techniques and equipment to remove the material safely. You can even hire air quality testing to ensure that there are no particles in the air.

The drawbacks to asbestos abatement include time and money. The complete removal of asbestos is a time-consuming process, and it can be costly to hire the professionals and their equipment.

Advantages of Professional Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation is your other option for dealing with asbestos. With encapsulation, the surface is covered. A protective barrier is added that prevents the asbestos from being disturbed. This is the most cost-effective and convenient way to deal with an asbestos problem.

The only drawback to encapsulation is that it does not remove the asbestos. Homeowners must disclose the presence of asbestos to potential buyers. While the encapsulation ensures that the asbestos is not disturbed, the fact that asbestos is present at all may turn away some potential buyers.

In the end, the choice between removal and encapsulation depends on your preferences. Both options provide a safe way to deal with asbestos. However, encapsulation is much more convenient and affordable than the complete removal of the material.

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