Here’s What You Should Do When Your Concrete is Chipping

The chipping concrete can also be referred to as spalling or scaling. This can be caused by the water permeating the concrete and expanding or freezing. When the concrete is mixed poorly, it is most likely to spall. Hence, if you are living in an area when it freezes often, chipping is most likely to happen. Here is what you should do when chipping occurs.

  1. What kind of foundation do you have?

Is your foundation poured or a concrete block? If you find chippings in a block, get a foundation expert to have a look at it. When it is left alone, the spalling in the block foundation can lead to structural damage. Moreover, it is always a good idea to have the problem addressed as soon as possible before the issue causes more damage.

  1. Since how long has the chipping been taking place?

If the problem is ongoing and is dispersing widely, then you may need to get it addressed and repaired immediately. In general terms, it is always the best idea to get in touch with an expert as soon as possible. It comes as a surprise to us that most of the homeowners hold off on contacting an expert until the damage is substantial. This in result, makes the concrete repair much more costly.

  1. Are there any cracks around the spalling?

When you see the cracks around the chipped area, there could be a possibility of a structural problem. If the cracks are chipping or spalling, then get in touch with an expert as this signifies as a serious problem. Additionally, the expert will determine a quick solution that tends to your home’s needs.

  1. Where is the chipping?

Is the spalling taking place at the ground level or in the middle of the wall or by a gutter? If the spalling is situated around a gutter or a ground level with no cracks, then it is caused by the poor drainage. As a result, you can extend the downspouts and ensure that the gutters are clear enough to avoid further damage.

  1. How bad is the concrete chipping?

If it is just a tiny and shallow patch, then it is most likely cosmetic. But, never take foundation chipping lightly. When it is a large area that is deeper than the 1/6th inch, then it is a problem. Always consult a foundation repair expert to ensure that the concrete foundation chipping doesn’t create a structural issue in the future.

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