Do You Have an Impending Rental Inspection?

Lots of individuals and families rent their homes. In this day and age, where buying a home is out of reach for many people due to the economy and stagnant wages, renting a home is simply a fact of life. There are certainly many benefits to renting a home, including not having to pay for repairs and maintenance, but one of the biggest challenges that tenants face is the inspection.

What Is an Inspection Really About?

As painful as the process can be, rental inspections are a fact of life for tenants. The inspection is really about ensuring that the property is being maintained in a fit state by the tenants and that there is no damage being done to the property.

Inspections are usually carried out every three months by a property or real estate agent who is looking after the property. After all, the landlords needs to know that their properties are being looked after; otherwise, they may need to evict and find other tenants.

The Rush to Clean up!

Of course, an impending home inspection means that the tenants have to go around and clean up the home thoroughly. This places a lot of pressure on individuals and families and usually ends up being a rush to get everything de-cluttered and cleaned from top to bottom before that fateful knock on the door! It can all be something of a headache to deal with and there are not too many tenants who enjoy the process.

It comes as no surprise that key areas such as the family room and the bathroom are cleaned from top to bottom but one area that many tenants miss out on is the oven. The problem is that the state of the oven usually goes by without a second thought. All of that cooking can lead to a buildup of oil and grease that can be pretty tough to shift if it is neglected for too long and many inspectors actually pay close attention to the cleanliness of the oven. The last thing you want is to be docked points for an unclean oven!

So, what should you do if your oven is pretty filthy and grimy and you have an inspection in the next few days? The good news is that there are companies that actually specialise in oven cleaning in Gloucester. So, why should you hire an oven cleaning specialist to do the job when you could simply apply a little elbow grease yourself? Consider the following:

  • High Quality: A buildup of dirt and grease is very hard to shift with over-the-counter cleaning products. A specialist company will actually use high-quality cleaning agents that will leave your oven spotless and fresh.
  • Convenience and Speed: The fact is that an oven cleaning company can get into all of the little nooks and crannies that you can’t. They can do all of this quickly, leaving you to pass the inspection with flying colours!

Given just how easy it is to hire a cleaning company to help you pass your next home inspection, why wouldn’t you make it easy on yourself?

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